Montel Williams

Well-known daytime chat show host Montel Williams is now being sued over an alleged breach of contract relating to the International Team Poker League (IPL) that he created. A lawsuit has been filed in a U.S. District Court by Guardian Gaming Ltd. Against the Montel Media Group.

According to the lawsuit filed, Guardian Gaming entered into an agreement with IPL, taking a 25% stake for the $300,000 initial investment. Then, before Guardian could make any further investments, IPL terminated the agreement, the complaint states.

The court papers further state that Guardian requested a full refund of the $300,000 investment, but IPL wanted to repay in stages, which Guardian rejected. Guardian is now demanding the investment to be paid back in full immediately and they are also seeking punitive damages, prejudgment interest and legal fees from Montel’s company.

Montel and his International Team Poker League plan a tournament Jan 29th to Feb 1st at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Sponsors of next month’s tournament include the Montel Williams MS Foundation, “Red Hot Vixens” poker players, the Hard Rock Poker Lounge and iPoker, the league’s online poker partner.The International Team Poker League is a series of reality TV poker tournaments, according to Williams on his web site.

Earlier this year a similar suit was filed against Williams in U.S. District Court in Illinois. That suit was dismissed for procedural reasons.

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