MotorCity Casino Showcases New Amenities

MotorCity Casino is truly jaw-dropping after its $300 million renovation, boasting of a 1 million square foot entertainment complex. Aside from being completely remodeled, MotorCity Casino also expanded the gaming area to 100,000 square feet from the original 75,000. In addition to this, the casino also added a hotel that has 400 rooms, spa, convention space, and theater.

Nearly a year ago, MGM Grand Detroit also did a similar unveiling, but this was done in one launch. MotorCity Casino on the other hand, is doing its unveiling in phases.

Collectively, MotorCity Casino has eight trendy new bars and restaurants that all have a theme reflective of automotives. A rooftop lounge and a nonsmoking bar near the grandiose hotel can be looked forward to by smokers and non-smokers alike. MotorCity Casino is lucky that although their revenues were significantly lessened during the mammoth renovation, it remained strong in the slumping casino industry.

“I absolutely love it,” said 72 year old patron Marlene Toth, of Wyandotte. “I’m very lucky here. I’m already up $60, and I’m going to spend it here. I’m going to have the eggs Benedict.”

In Flames restaurant, eager customers went in droves and lined up chef Greg Ervin’s fare. The entrees included luscious seafood including crab cakes, crab omelets, lobsters, shrimps and salmon.

The media was also shown around in the yet to be opened parts of the entertainment complex, including the 1-886 seat entertainment theater than can host national and international acts. The entertainment complex, called The Sound Board, boasts state of the art sound system and luxury amenities that include private suites equipped with bars. To top it off, private butler services are also available. The Sound Board features digital sound, lighting and video systems. The venue’s ground floor can also be converted into a disco hall.

It’s the “best place a musician can play in” according to Gregg Solomon, CEO. He added that in terms of sound quality, the only place that can compare to it is the House of Blues in Las Vegas. “It’s more cutting-edge than the standard fare,” said Solomon, a musician himself who can play multiple instruments. “We believe we are pushing the envelope in providing edgy entertainment.”

MotorCity Casino officials kept mum about the kind of musical fare that the venue will offer however they said that the lineup will be announced during the opening gala on September 12.

MotorCity Casino is the second after MGM Grand Detriot Casino to open its new Facilities in recent years.

Gregg Solomon reflected happily that MotorCity Casino has managed to perform well in the casino industry even after being in construction “for all these years”, and he is looking forward to the casino doing even better now that the new amenities are operational.

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