One of the many forms of play currently played is the lottery. The Lottery is won by matching the number on your tickets with those that are drawn.

It is believed that this type of game has its origins in China. The Lottery has always been linked to Chinese Keno. It is said that playing from the lottery has even helped the Chinese government build their big wall. This may have also served as an inspiration for other governments to legalize the game with the lottery.

Some countries prohibit this form of gambling and made it illegal, while other nations even put up national lotteries. National lotteries help in government projects in the form of taxes. Some people do not agree that the lotteries help the citizens, however a lot this gambling helps the schools or the build bridges of government.

They argue that people playing in this form of gambling are the ones from the lower classes, so the money they use for gambling should be used for their own food or lodging first. Activists state that the government should chase the billionaires who evade taxes this playing and in fact bury poor people in gambling debts.

However, this does not stop countries from legalizing lotteries. Countries like Argentina, Italy, Australia, the Philippines and many have let the lottery be played in them.

In the United States, the lottery is also prevalent. It also comes in the form of scratch cards and online lottery. Online gambling is famous today and it seems that the lottery is exemption.

In Canada, they play the 6/49 draw, which is also played in the Philippines. The 6/49 draw is just one of the national game with the lottery in Canada, the other one is called Super Lotto 7.

The Lottery seems to invade France in an early time. This form of play would be introduced by King Francis I in the 1500’s. Similar in China, lotteries in France have also become the source of funds for their country and for religious organizations and congregations. However, the lottery was not easily accepted by all French. Like other activists, Voltaire has protested that this form playing abuse the poorest section of the population, feeding on their desperation.

It is clear now that the lottery, like other forms of play, presents its own advantages and disadvantages. It is discovered that the lottery helps to develop things for the government and society, but lottery also takes money from the poor.