Luck of The Draw

In casino numbers games such as Keno, there is absolutely nothing you can do to affect the outcome of the game. The balls are randomly drawn from the machine and you can only sit back and hope they have your numbers on them.

The one big decision that you do have to make though in Keno comes at the start of any online casino game. This is where you have to decide how many selections you are going to go with on your game card.

Most people go with the maximum amount they are allowed on their card which is 10. If they match all 10 from the draw, they will hit the jackpot in the game. However, there are also staggered prizes for hitting at least five of your selections.

Marking off 10 numbers from the choice of 80 is the closest you can come to having an impact on your result. Once the card is submitted you are relying on the draw to fall kindly towards you.

In some casino games the minimum number of selections you can choose is three. You need to match at least two on this occasion, which will double your stake.

There will be some days where you match most of your numbers quite early on in the draw, while on other occasions you will get a late flourish from the 20 numbers out of the machine. The earlier they do come out, the better because you can relax in the knowledge that you have at least seen a return from the game. You also need a good start to give yourself a chance of hitting the top payouts.